As a local eye doctor trusted by Wallaceburg, Ontario clients, Dr. David Oliphant is pleased to be connected with two expert Lasik eye surgery facilities: the TLC Laser Eye Centre, and the Windsor Laser Eye Institute, who can provide professional Lasik eye surgery (laser vision correction) for his Wallaceburg patients.

Advancements in Laser Eye Technology, now make it possible for some Wallaceburg residents who were not ideal Lasik eye surgery candidates several years ago, to be suitable candidates for laser vision correction. Dr. Oliphant is fully prepared to provide quality evaluations to assess if you are a suitable candidate for Laser eye surgery.

Valued Lasik Eye Surgery Partners

Due to their strong reputations for safety, experience and client satisfaction, the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic are proud to partner with TLC Laser Eye Centre and the Windsor Laser Eye Institute. We jointly provide the very best in Lasik eye surgery care and convenience for clients in the Wallaceburg area. Dr. Oliphant can help you make an informed decision about Lasik eye surgery, and will provide excellent pre and postoperative eye surgery care.

Lasik Eye Surgery gains for Wallaceburg clients

Many more people are eligible for Lasik eye surgery than ever before. People who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism are can be candidates if they are in good general health. They must also be at least 18 years old, with normally healthy eyes, and a prescription that has not changed significantly over the previous year.

Wallaceburg clients who undergo Lasik eye surgery will enjoy its advantages for a lifetime. It will be great to see the world around you without dependence on corrective lenses. Lasik eye surgery can make your life simpler and more enjoyable without needing glasses or contacts.

Wallaceburg trusts Lasik Eye Surgery

Dr. Oliphant has the ultimate confidence in the non-invasive Lasik eye surgery procedure. He and his fellow eye care professionals know that Lasik has improved the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Patients who are local to Wallaceburg and considering Lasik eye surgery can have the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic team arrange an appointment with Dr. Oliphant. He will determine if you are a good Lasik candidate and make your vision his top priority.

Make the call today to book your Lasik eye surgery assessment at 519.354.5870