Local to Ridgetown, Ontario, Dr. David Oliphant is a trusted eye doctor, pleased to be associated with two expert Lasik eye surgery (laser vision correction) facilities: the Windsor Laser Eye Institute and the TLC Laser Eye Centre. Both offer Lasik eye surgery to the residents of Ridgetown, Ontario and vicinity.

Recent changes in Laser Eye Technology now mean that many Ridgetown individuals who were not good Lasik eye surgery candidates several years ago, may now be much better candidates for this procedure. Dr. Oliphant is fully equipped to provide quality assessments to determine if you are a good candidate for Laser eye surgery.

Reliable Lasik Eye Surgery Partners

The Complete Eye & Vision Clinic is proud to partner with TLC Laser Eye Centre and the Windsor Laser Eye Institute. They both have strong reputations for safety, experience and client satisfaction for our patients in the Ridgetown area, together, we provide the very best in Lasik eye surgery care and convenience. With  Dr. Oliphant’s help, you can make an informed decision about the Lasik eye surgery procedure, and he will take excellent care of you before and after your life changing eye surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery advantages for Ridgetown, Ontario residents

Currently, Lasik eye surgery candidates include most people who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. It is important to be least 18 years old, in good overall health with generally healthy eyes and a prescription that has not changed significantly over the past year.

Lifelong advantages are available to Ridgetown patients who receive Lasik eye surgery. Gone will be dependence on corrective lenses to see the world. Life can be easier and more enjoyable when Lasik eye surgery allows you to go through life without contacts or glasses.

Ridgetown relies on our Lasik Eye Surgery services

Lasik eye surgery has improved the lives of tens of thousands of people. Dr. Oliphant and fellow eye care professionals worldwide have the ultimate confidence in non-invasive Lasik eye surgery.

When you begin to consider Lasik eye surgery, the local to Ridgetown team at the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic, can arrange an appointment with Dr. Oliphant. We will help you assess whether you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, while assuring that our priority is your vision.

To schedule your Lasik eye surgery assessment call today at 519.354.5870