Eye Exams for Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Dr. Oliphant is a trusted Optometrist fully equipped to provide residents of Chatham-Kent with advanced eye exams and professional vision care.

At the Complete Eye & Vision Care Clinic, our comprehensive eye exams go beyond 20/20 to evaluate many important visual skills and the overall vision health of Chatham-Kent, Ontario residents.

Eye Exams protect your priceless sight

We utilize eye exams and state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment to examine many visual skills and evaluate the full functioning of your vision and the health of your eyes inside and out. Healthy vision is a priceless gift that should not be neglected. As important, is a reliable and knowledgeable eye doctor who can help you to preserve it with regular eye exams.

Eye Exams assess important visual skills – Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Visual Acuity at Near – Eye exams can determine if vision is clear and single at close distances which is critical to reading, writing, close work, and computer use.

Eye Teaming Skills – Eye exams can assess if both eyes aim, move and work as a coordinated team. Deficiencies can result in poor depth perception.

Eye Focusing Skills – Professional eye exams establish if your eyes maintain clear vision at varying distances, critical to learning, reading, writing, and sports.

Eye Movement Skills – Dr. David Oliphant can perform eye exams to discover if eye movements show adequate muscle control, tracking, and fixation. We know it’s important to our Chatham-Kent patients to exhibit normal eye movements in the classroom, to permit rapid and accurate shifting of the eyes along a line of print or from book to desk to board. Eye exams are also important for Chatham-Kent sports participants to have efficient eye movements for eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, and accurate tracking.

Eye Exams for eye health in Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Our comprehensive eye exams include evaluation of multiple visual skills, and examining the health of your eyes inside and out for abnormalities such as cataracts, glaucoma, hypertension, and diabetes.

You can count on Dr. Oliphant to care for your visual health and provide professional treatment for any corrective services required.  Our one-on-one personalized eye exams at the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic, ensures the optimum individual customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other eye care clinics.

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