A trusted Optometrist, Dr. Oliphant offers premier eye exam services and vision care to the residents of Blenheim, Ontario.

The eye exams at the Complete Eye & Vision Care Clinic are truly comprehensive. Not only do we compare your vision to normal 20/20 vision, we evaluate many critical visual skills and the overall vision health factors that are important to Blenheim area clients.

Eye Exams can preserve and protect your priceless sight

Eye health is assessed, during eye exams, inside and outside with cutting-edge ophthalmic equipment to examine both: visual skills, and the full available range of visual capacity. To keep your vision healthy, it is especially important to select a dependable, qualified optometrist to perform eye exams that help you protect this essential gift.

Eye Exams check critical visual skills – Blenheim, Ontario

Eye Movement Skills – When the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic performs complete eye exams, we can discover if  your eye movements display adequate muscle control, tracking, and fixation.

Blenheim sports participants know eye exams are important to have the visual skills needed for eye-hand coordination, accurate tracking and reaction time. It’s also important to our Blenheim patients to utilize normal eye movements in the classroom, to permit rapid and accurate tracking of the eyes along a line of print, then move from book to desk, and from desk to board.

Eye Focusing Skills – Ability to visually focus is important to learning, reading, writing, and sports participation. Eye exams can establish if your eyes maintain a clear image or focus on an object as its distance varies.

Eye Teaming Skills – A deficiency in eye teaming can result in poor depth perception . Eye exams can determine if both eyes work together in a precise and coordinated way.

Visual Acuity at Near – Eye exams are critical to determining if vision is clear and single (not double) at close distances, this is essential to reading, writing, close work, and computer use of all types.

Eye Exams to protect Blenheim, Ontario’s eye health

In addition to evaluation of multiple visual skills, our complete eye exams, study the health of your eyes inside and out, in search of health conditions such as diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, and hypertension, to plan treatment necessary to improve your health.

If you need new eyeglasses, or contact lenses, you can depend on Dr. Oliphant to go beyond providing just a new lens prescription, to a fully personalized eye exam. At the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic, our goal is more than making you look great and feel even better, our goal is to help you preserve your visual health for a lifetime.

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