Known as a reputable local eye doctor, Dr. Oliphant is trusted to provide excellent optometry services to the citizens of Wallaceburg, Ontario.

The stellar reputation Dr. Oliphant has established as an eye doctor is based on the professionalism and proficiency of him and his team. As they utilize multiple diagnostic methods to assess your eye health, they continually keep you educated about the results they find. Examinations can include comprehensive vision exams for eyeglasses and contact lenses, early detection for glaucoma, advanced digital imaging of the retina, and cataract and visual field screenings. From there, Dr. Oliphant can explain the latest advancements in digital eye lens correction.

The Eye Doctor with dedication

Dr. Oliphant’s unquestionable dedication to eye health, encompasses Wallaceburg, Ontario, and extends to the College of Optometrists of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Optometrists, and the Canadian Association of Optometrists, where he is an eye doctor who is also a member in good standing. Dr. Oliphant and his team provide excellence in optometry, customer service, and resilient eye-wear with pride.

Available eye doctor services for Wallaceburg, Ontario

It is especially important to select a dependable, competent eye doctor to partner with you in protecting your healthy vision.

  • Children under the age of 19 years old should have a complete yearly eye exam.
  • Adults over the age of 19 should see an eye doctor annually to ensure good general eye health.

Whether a newborn or an adult, we treat every Wallaceburg optometry patient with the utmost care.

Our one-on-one personalized eye care at the Complete Eye & Vision Clinic, ensures the optimum individual customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other eye care clinics.

Wallaceburg can depend on us for eye doctor services

It’s important to Dr. Oliphant to understand more about his Wallaceburg patients than just their visual needs. He an eye doctor who enjoys taking the time to connect with them on a professional and personal level, by speaking with each of his Wallaceburg patients to learn if there is a new development in their family life or work life.

Dr. Oliphant is the eye doctor who will make you look and feel great, whether you are looking for the perfect eyeglasses, or you are looking to be fitted with comfortable contact lenses or durable frames. Selecting the very best frames will be a breeze, with our helpful staff helping you match your style and budget to the very best available frames.

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